How ATP Delivers:

1. The ATP methodology of investing does not chase stocks, and by using discipline and proprietary signals that nobody else offers, we offer significant value to our subscribers that can't be delivered anywhere else by any other service. We prefer to buy into waterfall, cascade corrections just prior to pivot lows in order to reduce our entry risk. We have our own methods of identifying those entries. This is part of our MRM crowd behavioral based system launched in November 2011.

2. Subscribers (Partners) receive real time recommendations with entry prices and potential upside targets, stop losses, and we adjust stops along the way. ATP also follows these positions on a regular basis via our "Position Scorecard" grid, and our regular intra-week updates. We advise when to consider "Trimming" back on a profitable position, and when to hold or add to the position. We also will advise if we are closing out a position. We provide 2-3 new Trade or Position Alerts each week, if we find stocks or ETF's that meet our criteria for the MRM Positions Active Portfolio and/or our Short Term Active Trades section (1-5 day swing trades)

3. ATP will give a price range which we believe is best suited for entry on each trade. Our MRM positions are intended to be companies that have superior capital appreciation potential near term and who have the right CHART profile defined by our MRM criteria. ATP simply wants to time your entry and price as best as we can, and actively follow the position to best extract gains out of managing that position. Again, we emphasize that our technical and fundamental analysis methodology is best at providing low risk entry points, often just before major reversals in the stock or ETF to the upside.

Active short term Trades and MRM Position Alerts are alerted to our Partners in Real Time. We post all details Real-Time on the website with the research and fundamentals and charting patterns for all partners to view. Our emphasis is more on getting the entry price and timing right so entry risk is minimized, and downside is also minimal, or we will advise adding on downside volatility to extract maximum upside gains on rebounds.

Members receive a complete guide on how to generate maximum profits per trade with our low risk stock trades.

If you have any questions that were not answered please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible - Dave Banister


"Thanks for all your ongoing advice. Your service is turning out to be more than I thought it would be.
I figured you would just recommend a stock and I would have to figure out my own exit strategies.
Knowing when to sell is actually harder than buying. Almost every stock I have ever owned has been worth
more than I paid for it at some point but I have failed to exit many of then at a profit and have averaged down
on way to many. Since subscribing to your service I have been fixing that.

Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new resource advisory service.
Craig L.


"Others focused mainly on chart data and concluded that not only has a top been put into place in gold but that –inevitable upward corrections notwithstanding-the metal is headed for significantly lower value zones. One such detailed analysis – made just three days prior to yesterday’s bloodbath-is certainly worthy of the ‘replay’ button being pushed (maybe several times even) in the wake of the Thursday cave-in. Active Trading Partners’ David Banister appears to have been among the very few who rang the alarm bell prior to the conflagration in the market."

Jon Nadler,
Chief Commentator- - July 2nd 2010