ATP believes in the following tenets of investing:

1.  Stocks make their biggest percentile moves in very short windows of time. 
In order to best profit in the markets, you want to invest just prior to those moves up.

2.  Most investors give up on a stock just prior to a move to the upside, they get bored.

3.  Most investors are not very resourceful and don’t do the required due diligence.

4.   Investor’s exhibit very clear “herding patterns” when stocks move up or down.  We know how to identify those patterns using our charting techniques and other proprietary signals.  This allows us to anticipate a shift in volume and movement before it occurs, and to position ahead of it.  ETF's are great for taking the counter-trend trade at opportune extreme pessimistic or optimistic tops.

5. If you don't take your profits, the market will often take them from you.


"Thanks for all your ongoing advice. Your service is turning out to be more than I thought it would be.
I figured you would just recommend a stock and I would have to figure out my own exit strategies.
Knowing when to sell is actually harder than buying. Almost every stock I have ever owned has been worth
more than I paid for it at some point but I have failed to exit many of then at a profit and have averaged down
on way to many. Since subscribing to your service I have been fixing that.

Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new resource advisory service.
Craig L.