About ATP

John Winston, Chief Investment Strategist of Active Trading Partners.com. is a recognized industry expert who specializes in providing financial advisors, hedge funds and individual traders with accurate market forecasts and trading opportunities. John’s mission is to bring a unique combination of relevant market news, experience, and dynamic crowd behavioral trading ideas.


Prior to Active Trading Partners.com, He spent years studying human behavioral patterns, fundamental analysis, Fibonacci retracements, and Elliott wave patterns. He knows investors love to chase stocks up and by doing so, they increase their risk without knowing it. And that the crowd loves to sell low and buy high, John attempts to do the opposite. 


Chris Vermeulen of TheGoldAndOilGuy.com met John in late 2008 as the financial crisis was unfolding. After numerous months of following the trading profits of and methodologies that John employs now at ATP, Chris suggested that a joint venture be formed and we offer this service to a select group of partners (subscribers).


Over a 23 year period, John learned how to consistently profit from investor behavior outperforming the market in both bull and bear market cycles. These strategies have become the foundation for his premium Stock and ETF trading alert service.



The demand for more active trading advisory services has exploded in the past few years, but we believe very few deliver low-risk trades along with longer term core portfolio positions that are consistently profitable. Our track record has a high success rate on trades recommended. If you can be 60% successful in the markets, you can make a lot of money. ATP feels it has room to spare on that bar. Perhaps you will consider giving us a try!




John Winston
Chief Investment Strategist
Active Trading Partners.com