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My name is John Winston the Chief Investment Strategist of Active Trading Partners. This ETF and stock reversals swing trading newsletter is designed for the working individual who wants to actively trade the market but does not have the time nor interest to learn and do all the research.



  • NUGT Full Position, $950, 50%, Jan 12, 2017
  • UGAZ Full Position, $14,800, 74%, Nov 28 2016
  • CLDN 1/2 Position, $3,500, 35%
  • QURE 1/2 Position, $2,500, 25%
  • JUNO Full Position, $4,000, 20%
  • QURE 1/2 Position, $1,700, 17%
  • HZNP 1/2 Position, $950, 9.5%
  • MNK 1/2 Position, $1,200, 12%


I believe in the following principles of the market which are the basis for my trading:

  1. Stocks make their biggest percentile moves in very short windows of time. In order to best profit in the markets, you want to invest just prior to those moves.
  2. Most investors give up on a stock just prior to a move, because they get bored.
  3. Most investors are not very resourceful and don’t do the required due diligence.
  4. Investor’s exhibit very clear “herding patterns” when investments move up or down.  I know how to identify those patterns using my charting techniques and other proprietary signals.  This allows you to anticipate a shift in volume and movement before it occurs, and to get position ahead of it.
  5. 3x ETF’s are great for taking trades at opportune extreme pessimistic or optimistic tops. They provide explosive moves similar to stocks with less volatility and allow us to profit during falling prices without having to short the market.
  6. If you don’t take your profits, the market will often take them from you.
  7.  My specialized knowledge of Elliott Wave Theory, Fibonacci Pivots, and Technical Indicators allows us to use that knowledge for well-timed aggression.  If we know roughly where the market is going to pivot at a high or a low point, we can get aggressive in taking profits or aggressive in entering pullbacks for our traders. We can scale back our open positions, or build open positions aggressively right near highs or lows in the markets. This gives ATP partners a near unfair advantage over 90% of traders.

stock reversals

“You were way ahead of the crowd on gold great job!!!!!!!
Also great chart recognition on xon and szym
You are definitely in tune and have a great pulse for the markets.
S. Greco”


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