How we made 8% in 24 hours on DATA Trade

How we made 8% in 24 hours on DATA Trade

Its very common at ATP for our swing traders to book 6-8% gains inside 24-48 hours. The reason is we look to buy strategic dip patterns in strong stocks in a certain window of time. Besides needing to like the fundmentals, we look for crowd behavioral patterns to identify opportune times to strike with attack trade capital.


More importantly, we know when the opportune time is to take the profit as the crowd floods into our play.  We often sell 1/2 at a time, and depending we may sell the entire position at one time.


This week (June 24th-June 28th) we took a shot at DATA, a recent IPO that we really like fundamentally.


We watched the stock for almost 2 weeks to learn the trading patterns of it first. Once we had a grip on how it trades, we waited patiently for the opportunity to strike.


That came on June 26th in Pre market, and we alerted our Traders to buy from 54.50 and lower only that day.  It traded in that range or lower til about 1120am EST, then it started up, rising 6% by end of day!


Today, June 27 we alerted to sell 1/2 when the stock hit $59, and from here, we tend to hold the remainder 1/2 and look for higher prices and if the pattern or market dictates we will adjust the stop or move out of the remainder.


Join us for these types of Stock and ETF swing trades. Since April 1st the SP 500 is up 2.6% while we are up 34.4% using our methods, and that includes all losses and gains.  We tend to average 3 open positions at a time, sometimes none, sometimes 5 or 6…

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