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Gold Prices Prep for a Rally - 02-07-12

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Interview with Kerry Lutz of The Financial Survival Network - 01-30-2012

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Interview with Your Trading Edge Magazine: Click Here to read the interview.

Your Trading Edge Magazine

Interview with Kerry Lutz of The Financial Survival Network - discussing Gold - 12-05-2011

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Europe's Problems Not Over, Gold Will Rally


Prep for a Multi-Month Correction in Gold


Dave Predicts Top in Gold August 2011

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September 2011, Dave discusses Gold's 4th wave correction

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May 2011
David updates rally call on

David Banister's interviewed with Tim Bourquin of The Money Show on Behavioral Trading Strategies - Listen Now

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Mike Swanson interview with Chief Strategist Dave Banister on his market forecasting methods.

You can also download the mp3 audio filed on your computer by clicking here.



"Others focused mainly on chart data and concluded that not only has a top been put into place in gold but that –inevitable upward corrections notwithstanding-the metal is headed for significantly lower value zones. One such detailed analysis – made just three days prior to yesterday’s bloodbath-is certainly worthy of the ‘replay’ button being pushed (maybe several times even) in the wake of the Thursday cave-in. Active Trading Partners’ David Banister appears to have been among the very few who rang the alarm bell prior to the conflagration in the market."

Jon Nadler,
Chief Commentator- - July 2nd 2010