Prior Forecast Articles by David Banister of Active Trading Partners

Below are a few of my articles in the past 12 months:

1a. Market shows signs of peaking April 16th-

1. Is the market about to go bullish and nobody knows it? Feb 25th, 2009

… predicted market would turn bullish. Market bottomed two weeks later and headed to my 10,400 Dow target from 7100 at time of article.

2. Prepare for a massive move up in Gold and Gold stocks- August 2009

(Gold ran up over $300 in 4 months, Gold stock indexes soared)

3. The Bull Case is Not Dead Yet- Nov 2009

Predicted the pullback was going to resolve with higher prices. Indices all rallied sharply after my article.

3a. January 7th-  Gold Stock Forecast and Market Outlook for 2010

4. The 5th wave is getting tired- Jan 18, 2010

Predicted market had met requirements for a top. Market peaked the next day. This was published on a few sites.

5. Where are we in the Gold Correction cycleKitco.Com Feb 4, 2010

Predicted a further drop to 102.50 area on the GLD ETF, with possible drops to 97-98 coming into March/May 2010.

6.  A Cyclical Bear Should Not Be Feared If Traded Correctly!-  Feb 10, 2010

7.  Gold has much more room to run in a 13 year Bull Cycle-  Kitco.Com  Feb 18 2010

More as they are published.

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