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My Proven Momentum Stock Trading Strategy

Active Trading Partners is a premium ETF and stock reversals swing trading newsletter that is simple to follow and trade. In most cases, I look for trends that are about to reverse. There are reliable patterns consistently exhibited by the investing crowd that I take advantage of by attempting to enter into positions just before price reverses. After testing various methodologies exhaustively in up, down, and sideways markets. I believe that stocks and sectors move almost entirely based on the sentiment of the crowd, whether bullish or bearish. Understanding human behavioral patterns and knowing at which point to enter into trades and when to exit, helps provide profitable trading results to subscribers.


The methodology is therefore contrarian in nature, as I tend to be scaling into swing trading positions such as a stock or ETF when it’s in the final stages of a rally or decline. I have proprietary signals that help us find these potential winners.


I also want to “Wring out the risk” of each trade as much as possible prior to putting our toes in the water. The analogy is like taking a orange and squeezing as much juice as you can out of it, this is what we do with our watch list of stocks and ETFs… only I am waiting until most all of the risk to the downside has been removed. My #1 goal is to reduce as much risk as possible before we take a position.


ATP Stock & ETF Momentum Reversal Method Trading (MRM Method)

Start learning how to make money with short term to intermediate term swing trading without being glued to your computer every day. My trading strategy and newsletter will provide you with 2-6 open swing trade positions at most any time, daily updates on each, and real time buy and sell alerts via email, SMS text and the member’s only website. Our track record since we began this initiative on April 1st 2013 is almost 4 to 1 over the SP 500 indexes based on our calculations. See the record online with disclosures.


The goal is to provide you with an active swing trading strategy designed to produce $3,000-5,000+ in profits per month simply trading 1-3 times per week with an average holding time of 4 days to 4 weeks. I specialize in liquid small – mid cap stocks that are generally priced between $5-$30 and are positioned to explode in price within days and sometimes even hours. I never have more than 6 open positions keeping things easily manageable.


My profit goal is to lock in 5-12% gains quickly then ride the winners for as much profit as possible while still managing downside risk. Several of my stocks will run 20% to 30% but I start locking in partial profits around the 5%-8% level. I typically buy around $20,000 worth of a position per trade and if I hit my 5-12% goal I’ll make between $1,000 – $2,400 on each trade and some times much more.


Here are a few recent stock trades!

  • LITB 1/2 Position, $2600, 26% in 6 Days
  • DATA 1/2 Position, $3000, 30% in 20 Days
  • SINA 1/2 Position, $1220, 12.5% in 4 Days
  • LITB 1/2 Position, $1870, 18.7% in 3 Day

We currently are up $172,000… and I think its going to get better from here.


Well, we held our cookies with CCME based on your recommendations and looking back at to where we first bought. We held through the shorting and now we are sitting with 33,300 shares @ 10.81 per share. We currently are up $172,000… and I think its going to get better from here. You said it should be in the $30.00s and I honestly think you are right on with this! It’s been one hell of a ride but now I think it’s only up from here!!!

by B. K

My portfolio is up over 50%


My portfolio is up over 50% due mainly to your recommendations and advice in five to six months–which is more than I made in the last seven years following the advice of my financial adviser, using less money.

by Steve Ushinski

You have been crystal clear with your analysis and, even better, it has been correct!


I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your no nonsense. I’ve read other advisors who hedge their bets with so many caveats that you could never actually put on a trade.

So far, you have been crystal clear with your analysis and, even better, it has been correct! So I made enough on one trade to subscribe for several years.

Thank you so much!

by John Brierley



ATP 3x ETF Trading  – Boost Profits In Bull, Bear, and Sideways Markets

Over the last few years my analysis proves that the power of leveraged ETFs and the advantages they have over stocks are real. Single stock risk from company specific news is eliminated and you’ll do not need to short stocks because I use inverse ETFs.


Each year there are times when stocks fall out of favor. When this starts to happen I look at more ETFs to play indexes, sectors and commodities which are primed to reverse direction or continue a trend. Believe it or not my stock trading strategy was actually designed for ETFs years ago, but once I applied it to individual stocks I was blown away with the amount of trading opportunities available and the outsized gains that high beta stocks provided. I focused more on stocks the last 3 years than ETFs. But these new 300% leveraged ETFs pack a powerful punch generating the same percentage gains as the high beta stocks and allow us to avoid single stock risk. So they are now part of my weekly trading routine once again.


On average, a portfolio with different assets will result in higher returns and pose a lower risk than if you just owned individual stocks. By diversifying with ETFs, you’ll manage your risk with a wide variety of investments within your portfolio.


My 3x ETF trading alerts are a crucial trading tool for supercharging your monthly income and you should expect 2 – 10 trades per month making it the perfect complement for my stock trading alerts.

Here are a few recent ETF trades!

  • TZA 1/2 Position, $600, 6% in 5 Days
  • GREK 1/2 Position, $850, 8.5% in 9 Days
  • NUGT 1/2 Position, $500, 5% in 1 Day

It’s nice to have someone in my corner


I paid for the ATP 5x’s over in two weeks using your ETF’s and entries and staying in a bit longer, which of course isn’t always prudent for you to recommend. No. Nobody’s perfect, but,,, it’s nice to have someone in my corner who has it for a goal.

When I was a headhunter I had a little plaque over my desk from a Stoic philosopher, whose name I forget now, but it said, “Before the Gates of Excellence the high gods have placed sweat.” ,,,but, I suppose you already knew that.

by GB

Just a quick email to again say thank you for your reasoned advice – it is nice not to feel so alone while trading during the night here in the Philippines!

I also like your idea about long/short ETF trading as I have had my best trading success buying leveraged ETFs, selling into a rally, then, after a consolidation period, buying the inverse ETF.  I’ve already begun scaling into ERX, taking advantage of Friday’s dips…like you said, likely the 8th or 9th inning of the downtrend…

by Steve Chadde


ATP Subscriber Benefits:

  1. The ATP methodology of trading does not chase market moves, and by using discipline and proprietary signals that nobody else offers. I prefer to buy into waterfall, cascade corrections just prior to pivot lows in order to reduce our entry risk. I have my own methods of identifying those entries. This is part of my crowd behavioral based strategy which I refer to as MRM (Momentum Reversal Method) from time to time.
  2. Subscribers receive real-time recommendations with entry prices and potential upside targets, stop losses, and I adjust stops along the way. Positions are followed closely with regular intra-week updates. I advise when to consider “Trimming” back on a profitable position, and when to hold or add to the position. I also will advise if we are closing out a position. There are roughly 2-3 new Trade or Position Alerts each week if I find stocks or ETF’s that meet our criteria. Various sectors are covered for portfolio diversification.
  3. You are given a price range which I believe is best suited for entry on each trade. The positions are intended to be companies that have superior capital appreciation potential near term and who have the right chart profile defined by my criteria. I simply want to time our entry as best as I can, and actively follow the position to best extract gains out of managing that position. Again, I emphasize that both technical and fundamental analysis methodology is the best at providing low-risk entry points, often just before major reversals in a stock or ETF.

Trade Alerts are alerted to subscribers in real-time. All alerts are sent via email, text alerts and on the members-only website along with the research, fundamentals and charting patterns for you to view. My emphasis is more on getting the entry price and timing right so downside risk is minimal. I will advise adding on downside volatility to extract maximum gains on some positions.

Members receive a complete guide on how to generate maximum profits per trade with my stock and ETF trades.


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