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We combine a thorough understanding of fundamentals with a wealth of technical analysis experience to take advantage of the crowd behavior in the markets. Entering into trades after others have sold and often taken a loss, allows ATP to provide low-risk entry points and high upside shortly after our recommendations.  Our founder has been mentioned on CBS,,,, and has been a guest on the national radio show “Money Matter$” in the past.  Chris Vermeulen of met a highly skilled small cap stock trader in 2008 as the financial crisis was unfolding.  After numerous months of following and learning from this trader while generating oversized trading profits, Chris suggested that a joint venture be formed and we offer this service to a select group of partners (subscribers). The demand for more active trading advisory services has exploded in the past few years, but we believe very few deliver low-risk trades that are consistently profitable.  Our track record is in the vicinity of 80% success rates on every trade recommended.  If you can be 60% successful in the markets, you can make a lot of money.  ATP feels it has room to spare on that bar.


ATP wanted to determine a reliable and consistently profitable method of investing in ETF’s or individual stocks by entering trades at low-risk points, with high upside intact.  The methodology really revolves around understanding “herd” behavior as it applies to the markets. Herd or crowd behavior is crucial to understand as it relates to investing in the markets in order to be successful.  Elliott wave theory, for example, is one of the main foundations that ATP fully understands and utilizes to some degree,  after years of studying human behavioral patterns, Fibonacci retracements, and Elliott wave patterns.  Investors love to chase stocks up and by doing so, they increase their risk without knowing it.  The crowd loves to sell low and buy high, ATP prefers to do the opposite.  The question is, how can you consistently buy low and sell high? What if you could consistently buy just before the crowd jumps in and pushes a stock up rapidly? Active Trading Partners has a strong foundation in analysis, extensive investment experience, and nearly unmatched technical analysis skills.  These all come into play to weed out as much risk as possible before an “Investment Alert” is delivered. In addition, ATP uses extremely resourceful techniques to uncover reasons why a stock may be up or down and to determine if there may be some catalysts near term as well, or if the stock should be avoided entirely.

The crowd loves to sell low and buy high, ATP attempts to do the opposite.

We use a “Tranche Entry” methodology where we may suggest 1/3, 1/2, or sometimes a full position buying at various intervals with alerts in real time. We believe that small and mid-cap stocks are extremely volatile, with the action often having nothing to do with the fundamentals at all. Therefore, we purposely split up our tranches over a few days or even weeks of time. We wait for the opportune pullbacks and then send an SMS Text, Email alert, and Web Post to our private password protected website to give the specific entry or exit suggestions to our Partners. This allows us to smooth out our entry averages and attempt to get a better low-cost entry into a position we like or plan to trade around. The MRM timing signals help us confirm over 1 day, 3 days, and weekly windows when viewing our proprietary charts as to the best entry price and time period.

In most cases, ATP looks for trends that are about to reverse to the upside, after a correction has taken place prior to our recommended entry price. We want to “Wring out the risk” of the trade as much as possible prior to putting our toes in the water. The analogy is taking a lemon and squeezing as much juice as you can out of it, this is what we do with our selections… only we are waiting until almost all of the risk to the downside has been removed. There are reliable patterns consistently exhibited by the trading crowd that ATP takes advantage of by attempting to enter into positions as others are selling just prior to an expected reversal back up. ATP has tested these various methodologies exhaustively in up, down, and sideways markets. ATP believes that stocks and sectors move almost entirely based on the sentiment of the crowd at that time, whether bullish or bearish. Understanding human behavioral patterns and knowing at which point to enter into trades and when to exit, helps ATP to provide work to provide profitable trading results to our partners.

Our methodology is, therefore, contrarian in nature, as we tend to be scaling into swing trading positions such as a stock or ETF is in the final stages of a correction or decline. We have proprietary signals that help us to weed out potential winners from those we would rather avoid. Our #1 goal is to reduce as much risk as possible before we recommend a position. We also scale into every trade no matter how confident we are. Scaling in over 24-72 hours allows us to control both risk and emotions at the same time. It allows us to lower our average cost most of the time after we begin building a position.

Your trades made my trading account “sing”


What a lovely trade. You need some positive feedback. Your trades made my trading account “sing” this past month. I think we’ve begun to take for granted these outrageous gains. Please keep up the effort — it’s worth it.

by Jack L.


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