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Needless to say, the year has finished VERY WELL!!!!!! I quickly paid for this years subscription and then next years!

I want to thank you for the very happy returns since I joined ATP.  I have been trading a long time and was having a really good run last year. then, I finally decided to take advantage of your low price introductory offer. well , needless to say, the year has finished VERY WELL!!!!!! I quickly paid for this years subscription and then next years! and the hits just keep on coming. I wish I had joined when i got your first email. I will  be raising a glass in your direction this evening. I  look forward to more great success.
by Bob

WUBA is up over 20% from enty! And exited SCIF at > 10% gains as well.


This is Jeff McCarter down in Tennessee, haven’t written for a while. Although I’ve remained a subscriber since initially joining in late 2010 (or maybe it was late 2011 — I forget) I had at some point moved money around and stopped trading your recs. I always thought them worthwhile, and maintained the subscription with the best intentions of resuming the trades.


Well, as luck would have it I continued to “sit out” a lot of your recs through the summer and fall that were stellar. Have only recently begun trading it again full-scale in the last 6 wks or so. WUBA and SCIF were among my first positions. Nice to see you still have the Midas touch, opening my account this morning to see that WUBA is up over 20% from enty! And exited SCIF at > 10% gains as well.


Have long admired your uncanny ability with charts. You continue to distinguish yourself. Always enjoy your market analysis as well, you’re one of the few I know who present Elliott wave in a cogent and comprehensible way.


So pleased to be participating with you again, just wanted to say congrats these latest 2 winners!


Hope you’re enjoying a nice holiday and staying warm.

by Jeff

Your trades made my trading account “sing”


What a lovely trade. You need some positive feedback. Your trades made my trading account “sing” this past month. I think we’ve begun to take for granted these outrageous gains. Please keep up the effort — it’s worth it.

by Jack L.

Alerts are easy to follow


Hi, my name is Harvey and my wife and I have really enjoyed using your etf and stock alert subscription. The alerts are easy to follow and we like your comments too (some are quite funny). I’m glad that you’ve always got your mind on the overall trends.

by Harvey J.

My portfolio is up over 50%


My portfolio is up over 50% due mainly to your recommendations and advice in five to six months–which is more than I made in the last seven years following the advice of my financial adviser, using less money.

by Steve Ushinski


Well I can already see you have our backs…Your trading insight is uncanny…Thanks again.

by Dennis Shevack Jan 2013


I wish you and your family the very best in 2016/17…..thank you very much for your hard work and great calls and making a difference in other people’s lives.

Thank you!

by Har Gill

Keep up the good work.


You do an amazing job! Really impressed with your Newsletter.

by Dan L.

I particularly appreciate your realistic assessments


I’m a relative newcomer to your service, but I just want to say I really do enjoy it and I do follow most of your recommendations. Also, I am an aggressive trader as you say and adjust things accordingly. I particularly appreciate your realistic assessments and your continual communication in this highly volatile environment. The frequent updates and analysis are great.

Thanks again,

by Ron Bowman from Wake Forest, North Carolina

You’ve got a remarkable talent


Just had to drop you a line to comment on what a fabulous few months you’ve had in the service. I started out with you in October, I think, with a healthy degree of skepticism and pretty small trade allocations. Well, you have certainly distinguished yourself with performance in the last few months. Funny thing was, even when you seemed to be expecting a pullback that never came, your positions all remained highly profitable.

I’ve never had the luxury of experiencing this kind of performance with a service. Highly enthused about what the next few months may bring. Love all your updates through the day and week, feel like I always know what we are expecting and just gives me nice sense of security that you always have your eye on the ball. At this point, I’m trying to really absorb the charts and “tutorials” that you send out trying to glean some of your methodology. My only regret is that I didn’t allocate more heavily towards these picks in the early going, but I hope to be better prepared going forward. Not sure what the “secret sauce” of the timing algorithm you’ve added here in the last couple of months, but it’s been like pouring gasoline on a fire!

You’ve got a remarkable talent! I appreciate again the chance to be a “partner.” Keep up the fine work.

Warm regards,

by Jeff McCarter, M.D.


Quite a great run in the portfolio over the last 2 months, you’ve made the right calls at every turn (most recently by standing pat last week and not getting shaken out when everyone believed a final top was in). Remain just very impressed and count myself fortunate to be a member.

by Jeff

I’m learning a lot from you


I really appreciate how hard you are working for the partners… and how we’ve been able to make money recently when I might have been panicking without you. I’m learning a lot from you. Thanks.

by Tom R.


Thanks for your timely updates. Of all the newsletters I’ve subscribed to in the past, you seem to be the only one willing to stick your neck out and make a call on the market direction real time!
Thanks again,

by Joe Albert

Your thinking and technical analysis is much more aligned with mine


I like really your newsletters and alerts. I’ve subscribed to quite a few “experts” sites over this past year and found that your thinking and technical analysis is much more aligned with mine….and much more accurate than the others. You’re doing a great job. Thanks again.

by Donna


Unbelievable pick! Thank you very much for your hard work on picking out these gems with low floats and awesome fundamentals. I have been trimming my position today….thanks!!!

by Gill


Thanks, I have enjoyed as well as financially profited from being an ATP Partner. Your methods look promising for continued success. I look forward to aboard this cruising train that you’re engineering.

by Mario Testani

I like the way you roll, portfolio up 19% already. Staying cautious but alert to opportunities. Keep on rolling!

by Chris Goode


As a subscriber I’ve found you to be incredibly knowledgeable, hard-working and very honorable and trustworthy.

by Tommy Oppenheim

It’s nice to have someone in my corner


I paid for the ATP 5x’s over in two weeks using your ETF’s and entries and staying in a bit longer, which of course isn’t always prudent for you to recommend. No. Nobody’s perfect, but,,, it’s nice to have someone in my corner who has it for a goal.


When I was a headhunter I had a little plaque over my desk from a Stoic philosopher, whose name I forget now, but it said, “Before the Gates of Excellence the high gods have placed sweat.” ,,,but, I suppose you already knew that.

by GB

You have been crystal clear with your analysis and, even better, it has been correct!


I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your no nonsense. I’ve read other advisors who hedge their bets with so many caveats that you could never actually put on a trade.


So far, you have been crystal clear with your analysis and, even better, it has been correct! So I made enough on one trade to subscribe for several years.

Thank you so much!

by John Brierley

Thanks for the excellent training / handholding


It’s great when you prepare us like this for a possible upcoming trade, so we’re ready to press the button at the time, even if the trade may not eventually materialize.

And thanks for the excellent training/ handholding since I joined ATP two or three weeks. I think at one point you were half apologizing for the high level of emails but there’s no such thing as too much communication, or, when you’re learning, too much reiteration of the same principles regarding methodology – especially as, in effect, you’re trying to change the way our minds work and show us how to think/act counter-intuitively. Because of beginner-type mistakes I’ve made while learning – basically deviating from the method in one way or another – I’ve not done as well as I might have… but nevertheless I’m delighted to have more than covered my initial 3 months’ subs already…. plus I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Many thanks and well done on a brilliant service; I hope to be with you for a long time.

by Colin Brown

Should I call you Mr. Wizard?


Just joined ATP and was able to get in on the BGU trade. Already paid for my subscription when I took 1/2 off this morning. Thanks’ for your incredible insight. I am beginning my journey into Elliott wave and Fibonacci. I have only passively looked at it…but you have made me very interested.

by John Kirwin

I have made money in all the trades you recommended


Very nice call today in the BGU trade. I was able to average in all the way down to near 40, for an overall average buy at around 41. Hope this continues making its way up. Looking forward to your next update.

By the way, I have made money in all the trades you recommended since I joined in early September.….not always for a lot of money, but still all positive trades…..very impressive. The one time I lost money, I was trying to anticipate a buy (and did so…obviously went the wrong way) based on some comments you were making in your TMTF service…..I should have waited for you to make the call in the ATP service, but I got anxious. I will never do that again.

Stay healthy… have a real gift! ….and I enjoy your analyses….all very interesting stuff (in addition to being so profitable!)


by Bob

You are incredibly accurate on over 90% of your calls


I am a new subscriber and I greatly enjoy your accurate calls…you are incredibly accurate on over 90% of your calls and I have never seen any newsletter writer work so hard by constantly updating subscribers, as opportunities arise and market situations change. It took me 8 months before I pulled the trigger and joined your service and now I know why you charge the price you do for your service…thank you very much!

by Harry Gill

In just a few short weeks I have made back 60% of my original investment


After having come back to trading one more time I had managed to destroy 70% of my investment in only a month through mismanagement and not understanding why the market was doing what it was doing – I may as well have just thrown my money down the toilet. Your daily (and often more) emails in the past few weeks since I subscribed have been an absolute lifeline.

While I only used to dabble in metals I now really enjoy working with them and have pretty much given up FX. I now have a much better understanding not only of why gold moves the way it does, the relationship silver shares with it and the market and how important the movements of the S&P are to my success with these metals. Fibonacci was one of the tools I was unsuccessfully using but from your emails I am now starting to really understand it and am even starting to carry out my analysis which is actually bearing some fruit.

I have stopped my click happy open and close of trades and am starting to identify minor pivots so I can make intelligent decisions instead of uneducated and emotional decisions. Each day I can look to next 24 hours with an air of confidence based on your end of day wrap and what to look for next.

In just a few short weeks I have made back 60% of my original investment and I expect to be at break even in the next 1 or 2 days – or possibly even today depending on how NY opens. As I type this it appears Gold is leaving it’s pivot zone (exactly as predicted by your last email) and pushing hard to perhaps start it’s journey to your next target – either way I believe today is when I will break even and possibly even see a few bucks profit for the first time in months. Your insight is incredible and I feel VERY lucky to have found you.Thanks mate – your a legend. Keep up the fantastic work. Cheers,

by David Prescott

Your low risk entries are amazing.


Great advice, I like how you laid things out for partners. This is an extremely volatile market and so easy to be stopped out. My only problem is taking profits on most of your trades too early such as TAOM- sold way to early, made 12, 15, 18 % profits on scale out but didn’t ride for the big gains, Guess you never go broke taking profits but always fearful of giving them back but almost so much I’m not willing to let the winners ride. Could be my lack of trading experience in the market, have been more of a long-term investor rather than active trader/investor.

I appreciate your service very much, your low-risk entries are amazing.

I profited from BGU trade, bought at your entry price and sold just under 52.00 average for 7.5% gain in a couple of hours, amazing. Keep up the amazing work, and the more active trades the better as I find I might miss the entry on a few just not being at the computer all day, as some of your picks just start to run like mad after your initial alert.

Look forward to being a long-term partner with your service,


by Shaun Cassar


I have been very impressed with the Market Trend Forecast over the past 2 months. Along with my own TA, I was well positioned for the rally off the 200 ema, the recent PB to 61.8% fib, which corresponded to the late June consolidation highs. I had targeted this area as a pullback after the initial BO, but your Elliot Wave analysis and experience gave me a little extra confidence. So I decided to give your Active Trading a shot.

I scaled into your QRM position with 1/2 on open and added the second 1/2 when it held support at the FTP level/60 min 20 ema. The move off that level today alone has paid for your service for the quarter.

Didn’t want your head to get too big, but wanted to give you some positive feedback.

by David Hoyt

I have found that ATP is “the One”.


I have been a subscriber to many other Precious metals subscriptions from all those who write for I have found that this is “the One, the service”. None of the other`s come near your accuracy. This is the “Benchmark in the industry”. Don’t take my word for it, Go try out everyones free trials look up their calls in the last one year from their archives, compare it to you, you will understand why he is the Benchmark.

Highly appreciate your response to my query every-time. My highest appreciation & gratitude for your services.


by Gautam from Mumbai, India


Yes, indeedy – great forecasting. This note to you is out of deep respect for your analysis (especially given the abject failures of other Elliott Wave guys in the field) on an absolute basis.

You deserve all the accolades showered upon you. Thanks for all you do.

by Greg Zwillinger


Excellent work! I’ve quite enjoyed reading your forecasts (keep’em comin!), then watching the market and my stock picks with GROWING CONFIDENCE of when to get in and get outYour forecasts have totally obliterated that ugly fear factor that used to exist in my trading. Thanks. I just recommended TMTF to my BANKER this morning! Lol

by Lei Mang

I can highly recommend his services to friends and family


I have been a subscriber to  ‘Active Trading Partners’ and ‘Market Trend Forecast‘ services for almost a year now. His forecasts for PM’s and S&P have been spot on every single time.

He likes to layer in and out of positions in thirds or halves. I can highly recommend his services to fellow friends and family.

by Churchill

Keep up the incredible work!


You have done a fantastic job….I love everything about your service especially the fact that you can first interpret the markets so accurately and second select such outstanding stocks! Keep up the incredible work!

by Tim

She calls you ‘Trader Boy’ and holds you in high esteem


I can not thank you enough for your kindness in getting back when I have questions. Your guidance with ATP and TMTF has contributed immensely in helping me to start to build back my losses sustained last year and early this year.

I am so very appreciative for the wonderful trading leader you have become!

My heartfelt thanks for all you have done to help. A few weeks ago, I convinced my mother to let me move some of her funds into a trading account for her, rather than losing money just sitting in a bank. So I trade her account along with mine. Much to her delight, my trading (a/k/a you/ATP) picks the past month have really helped immensely. She calls you ‘Trader Boy’ and holds you in high esteem, saying you are her Hero!

It’s one thing to trade with my own funds, but the level of responsibility I feel with her funds is extra pressure. So, I can not tell you how thrilled I am (not to mention her) with the wonderful guidance you have provided over the recent past!

Your talent has sincerely been used to help others, and we are so very appreciative.

Kind regards from part of your fan club,


by Kim (and new #1 Fan...'Mom')

I wish I knew you ten years ago


You guys are TREMENDOUS ! You are doing an outstanding job….I wish I knew you ten years ago. Thanks so much.

by Tim Perri


Great work! I like the way you always keep a positive outlook and repeat the coverage for every stock, keeps emotions in check for me even if it means the same analysis with a different date.

by Sunil

Want to give you my highest regards for all your Hard work and Long hours. Really appreciate everything you do for us Partners. Bought MOTR at the ultra low $18 and sold at 19.59 and 19.90. Nice call.

by Jim Paddock

The timing and advice for your active trades is also incredibly impressive!


I must congratulate you for the great work you are doing for your partners. I’m very impressed with the results we are getting. I have been a partner for almost 3 months now and following your advice religiously (well …almost). You give good queues and constant reminders on our core positions which help me stay disciplined and follow the plan. The timing and advice for your active trades is also incredibly impressive! Not sure how you do it but I love playing along! 2010 is turning out to be a very good year for me thanks to ATP. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to a long business relationship with you guys.
Best regards,

by Pierre from Canada

Fine job with stock selections and a great understanding of the markets


I also wanted to express my gratitude to you for doing such a fine job with stock selections and a great understanding of the markets. You deserve an A+. I’m sure your family is very proud of you!
Thanks again,

by Tim Sherri

My portfolio has jumped over 50% working on your recommendations and suggestions


I am getting it. my portfolio has jumped over 50% working on your recommendations and suggestions these past couple months. Needless to say, i feel great and indebted to your prowess, accumen, and investment knowledge. Many thanks and am hopeful that you never tire of providing the great opportunities you provide us in ATP.

by Hayward

Keep up the great work!


I love your style of trading. It fits my style perfectly. I have tried a dozen services. Keep up the great work!

by Greg Orphanos

I just wanted to congratulate you on your forecast (through thick & thin) for S&P 1220 – among other things.
Great call!

by Richie

I plan on being a long term partner


Just wanted to sincerely Thank You for your hard work and technical analysis, your calls have been nothing less than impressive. I appreciate the service you provide and hope you continue with this for a long time to come as I plan on being a long term partner. Your picks have really jump started my TFSA’s and helped boost my longer term RRSP portfolio in a very short period of time. Between ATP and GoldAndOilGuy you both lend continuous feedback on markets, picks and trends, helping me filter out the noise from BNN, CBC, etc… and focus on my trading goals.

by Sean Cassar from London, Ontario


I was a charter member of ATP, likely joining up in the low double digits of subscribers at most. Thus I have been on board long enough to appreciate the long-term value that accrues from carefully following your advice. I also GREATLY appreciate your availability by e-mail, which (like today under separate cover) I try to use only when bad feelings are gnawing at me.

All of the above provided the stimulus to move to a quarterly subscription plan, which I will sign up for this W/E—can’t wait for the first installment of TMTF–looks like there’s a separate web site for this service as well..

Hope you had and enjoyable and relaxing break, brief though it was.

MANY THANKS, and every best wish,

by Steve

We currently are up $172,000… and I think its going to get better from here.


Well, we held our cookies with CCME based on your recommendations and looking back at to where we first bought. We held through the shorting and now we are sitting with 33,300 shares @ 10.81 per share. We currently are up $172,000… and I think its going to get better from here. You said it should be in the $30.00s and I honestly think you are right on with this! It’s been one hell of a ride but now I think it’s only up from here!!!

by B. K


Wow! Wish I had signed up for the quarter, I will when this month is over.

Heck, at this rate I’ll be able to pay for a year!

Many thanks,
Woohoo, actually making money!

by Alan G.

I have seen exceptional returns


Thank you so much for having this service. I have seen exceptional returns – far more than I expected even given this run in the market!

by Bill Little


I have been (like most people I am sure) extremely impressed by your work. I bought TCC yesterday – just wish I had bought more!

by Alex Hartley

Looking to be a long time subscriber


I am looking to expand my knowledge in trading, and I like your methods. I am new to the game, and I am looking for a good book, any suggestions? There are so many books out there I don’t know where to begin. By the way, I am finding your advice very helpful and very profitable! I almost can’t wait for the next update.

Thank you

by Steve Ushinski


Thanks for the update. I appreciate hearing your perspective on video or email twice a week as this market is very difficult and your analysis is very helpful.

by Greg Birch


I wanted to let you guys know I really like your service. Having worked at a hedge fund for a few years and on the sell side before that focusing on energy/mining/shipping, I find your service better than the majority of sell side research.

by Dan Barrett


I’ve been interested in the financial markets on and off for about 5 years, being tossed about, only wishing I had confidence in my positions. I think trading side by side with you is absolutely invaluable. My only problem this week is being glued to my computer screen, lol.

by Tim Long

You are a superstar and a true master at your craft


Hi Mate,
Great picks, just woke up and seeing Quest and Southern Arc Minerals moving. Excellent. You are a superstar and a true master at your craft and I am very grateful to have found this service. So many opportunities, not enough money. Been following a couple of your older picks as well. MHR and DCTH!!!! Holy xxxx!

by Martin Fedmowski


Thanks for the HUI update I can never get too much info : it does help. For your info I have been following other  sites and you have been the most accurate so far.

by Brian Williams

Just a quick email to again say thank you for your reasoned advice – it is nice not to feel so alone while trading during the night here in the Philippines!

I also like your idea about long/short ETF trading as I have had my best trading success buying leveraged ETFs, selling into a rally, then, after a consolidation period, buying the inverse ETF.  I’ve already begun scaling into ERX, taking advantage of Friday’s dips…like you said, likely the 8th or 9th inning of the downtrend…

by Steve Chadde

I have seen it work in both bull and bear cycles


Active Trading Partners are excellent at identifying low risk entry points with strong upside.  I have personally followed many of their trade recommendations and have been amazed by not only the timing, but the reversals to the upside that take place after I buy.  It seems they have found the secret to entering positions with low risk, and then often seeing stunning moves thereafter to the upside.  I have seen it work in both bull and bear cycles. I plan to continue to follow them closely for a long time.  They deliver time after time.

by Jeff Phillips, President, from Global Market Development

His research to find good stocks in these difficult markets but is unabashedly honest and forthright with no hype


In the investment world there is no end to advice, newsletters, services, trading schemes and theories. I have sampled many and have found that the combination of astute technical and fundamental trading advice with uncompromising integrity are rare. ATP service is a real jewel and fulfills both objectives. ATP is not only extremely insightful and tireless in his research to find good stocks in these difficult markets but is unabashedly honest and forthright with no hype. He goes the extra mile in contacting company executives to get the inside scoop and has the experience to identify price patterns and special situations that the insiders use to their advantage. His track record is superb and the price of the service is worth every penny. If one follows the advice faithfully, the gains will far outweigh the cost. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend ATP

by Mark Schilling

I’m thoroughly impressed with your market understanding


Your comment today “I never worry about whether I sold too early, as long as I book regular profits I’m happy.  Greed is what will cause you problems, and so will fear.”  is spot on.  My father told me during the dot com boom days “You’ll never go broke making a profit.”  Bottom-line:  Don’t get greedy.  I’ve only been a partner for a month and have moved in and out of positions per your recommendations. I’m thoroughly impressed with your market understanding analysis and recommendations.  Keep up the good work!

by Micael Y. from Texas

The technical analysis is breathtaking


I have been following ATP’s trades over the past year, and have seen him refine this incredible system of trading based on TA, insider trading, and fundamentals.  The technical analysis is breathtaking–the uncanny ability to target stocks just prior to breakouts. In short, trading these stocks has been interesting, educational, and profitable for me.

by Gordon Wilson, M.D., MSc (Theoretical Physics) from Victoria, Canada


I have watched the progress and trading of Active Trading Partners for several months. They have proven to be quite quick and smart about picking some fine selections for the shorter term to intermediate traders. I regularly look forward to our communications.

by Roger Wiegand
Editor, Trader Tracks Newsletter & Futures and Commodities Trader-Analyst

Already generated enough to extend my membership 3 months with the profits


I have been very happy with your service thus far. I have been too busy at work to actively keep up day to day but have already generated enough to extend my membership 3 months with the profits. I am very appreciative of the extra time you spend updating your thoughts on the alerts afterwards as things can change quickly and it is nice to have some direction.

by Shaun M. from Collingwood, Canada


ATP Team,
I am so thankful for the amazing services that you are providing! For the first time I feel confident in making the right entry points in the market. I can’t say how happy I am to have access to what you guys are advising!!
Thank you!”
Best Regards

by Myles H. from North Caralina

I have averaged over 15% returns


Just a quick note.  Thanks so much for frequent updates and commentary.  I have just finished first month as a partner.  I have averaged over 15% returns even with losing one ATP pick as it got stopped out. Much of my portfolio was underwater when I joined up.  I am turning things around as I am able and looking forward to big gains down the road. Very happy with the service. Thanks!

by Chris Webb from Wolfville, Nova Scotia


I just recently joined ATP and I am really impressed with your picks, timing and strategy. In last 4-5 months I have done some very risky trades and lost 30% of my portfolio. But after I joined ATP and followed your guidelines situation is better. I really wanted to thank you. Thanks a lot.” 

by Farid Toghi

I’m up 17% this week alone


I have to take my hat off to you. In this short week that I been partner I’ve learned more about market psychology and why I kept being suckered just to see a reversal within days, sometimes minutes…What I like most is the cool head you keep when things tank …Lucky me I sold half my position in ARNA last night and added this morning, taking profits again to free up some funds for ANI. I’m up 17% this week alone even after missing our on DCTH completely. In the past I would have taken my losses on the chin after being stopped out…This emotion-free thing is really cool. Excellent work.

by Pierre Kleinsmith


Unbelievable. You guys are great. Keep up the good work and I will get you more subscribers. I am not kidding.

by Thorsten Bredberg

This is what I looked for from a long time


I´m Marcelo from Argentina and I signed up to ATP as soon as Chris Vermeulen told Members it existed! Your service is great, this is what I looked for from a long time ago. I´ve subscribed to different “stock advisors” but the style you give to the service is awesome. It’s important for a subscriber to read directly from you and get answers directly from you and to have REAL disclosure.  I usually read in different services “Disclosure: I have a position here…”, but you never know since when, or at what average price, or if he only wants to push a stock up….Hope you keep it up like this for a long time and really hope this service keeps on working as nice as it is in a possible market correction in the coming months. It feels that that you really work hard to make the service better every day.

Thanks man!

by Marcelo from Argentina


To date this is the best financial service that I have ever subscribed too!

by Colleen Bowersock


I am a new partner and I wanted to say that I have never been so impressed and count myself lucky to have found you.

by Celia Curtis

I have made enough to fund the monthly costs of ATP for the next ten years


THANK YOU for the commentary on the various trading opportunities. I have made enough to fund the monthly costs of ATP for the next ten years. People at the office just do not understand why I am always smiling!!! Keep up the good work and I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

by Michael Swanberg

Excellent work you are doing


I just want to thank you very much for the excellent work you are doing as much as stock picking as transmitting us the info in a very intelligent and comprehensive manner especially for those of us not professionals who literally need a guiding hand for the step by step process: because of your clarity , I am staying with you.

by Sandra Genillard

I have probably made enough to pay for three years already


I have not had the pleasure of talking/ meeting with you but just wanted to say how pleased I have been with the service thus far, ATP has been good for me over the years, I have probably made enough to pay for thirty years of service already.

by Shaun Mahoney

You provide a timely article to keep us on track


We really appreciate the updates and information you supply on your site and your scorecard especially when the markets begins to worry us. When the market tries to shake us out, you provide a timely article to keep us on track. We are very pleased with the outcome of our trades since joining your service.

Thanks again for your constant support.

by R.J and C.J Husband and Wife

Your picks have been more profitable and has given me more time to enjoy life


Great job in picking winners.  This market has been almost impossible to trade since the crash.  Momentum trading has been the only play and that will not work forever.  Combing IBD for possible breakout stocks is time-consuming  Your picks have been more profitable and has given me more time to enjoy life.  Keep up the good work!

by Randy

Please don’t change anything! I hope to be a Partner for decades to come!


I am one of the first 200 ATP Partners–likely among the first 50-100. At first I thought it must be too good to be true, but as time has passed the results you achieve and the timely and continuous feedback you provide are absolutely unparalleled, at least in a stable to rising market environment–please don’t ever let up! I am in awe of your insights, availability, constant feedback, and results to this point. Please don’t change anything! I hope to be a Partner for decades to come! THANKS VERY MUCH for everything thus far–you have provided everything anyone could ask for, and more, PLEASE continue to do so.

by S.A, M.D. from Massachusetts

Wonderfully concise and witty writing style


Thanks for your expert analysis and wonderfully concise and witty writing style. As a retired geotechnical engineer, I thoroughly enjoy receiving good solid information that has been thoroughly researched and well documented.
Great job!!

by Dick Volpe

You provide constant detailed updates, and I like the “portfolio management” feel of ATP


Just finished up my first month with ATP – just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work. I actually joined right before the run of 5 or so down positions, but even with that, I’m happy with the service. You provide constant detailed updates, and I like the “portfolio management” feel of ATP. I also find your research to be top notch, and the pertinent info condensed into a quick-to-read format. Keep it up!” Cheers,

by Steve

Thanks for all your ongoing advice


Your service is turning out to be more than I thought it would be. I figured you would just recommend a stock and I would have to figure out my own exit strategies. Knowing when to sell is actually harder than buying. Almost every stock I have ever owned has been worth more than I paid for it at some point but I have failed to exit many of then at a profit and have averaged down on way to many. Since subscribing to your service I have been fixing that.

Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your new resource advisory service.

by Craig L.

Because of your work it’s been my most profitable year


Thanks for your expert insight and direction for the past 5 months!  So yeah I figured now’s about the best time to cease being a ’silent partner’, in case you were wondering if someone’s missing! Because of your work it’s been my most profitable year in my 6 years of investing/trading! Well, I’m only 25 (explains why only 6 years) so I’m probably your youngest and least capitalized partner of the group, so it help that my trades can be that much more accurate! That and covering Canadian-listed stocks to boot!  You still seem like a fairly young fellow yourself, so I hope to be able to follow your lead for quite some time into the future as a Partner!”
Happy Holiday cheers!

by Marquelle from Vancouver, Canada

I’ve cancelled all my other investment services and will follow your lead exclusively


Once again you have the best service available not only because your track record is outstanding but as important that you reply to emails quickly and with sincerity. I hope that you can keep the member at a level where you can maintain this aall-important personal touch. Because of this I’ve cancelled all my other investment services and will follow your lead exclusively. Keep up the good work….your genuine concern for your “Partners” financial success is clearly evident and that (and your record of course) is what separates you from the rest of the pack. ” Just thought you’d like to know.

Thanks for everything

by Alan

I like what you are offering, and the results have been good


Your service has integrity, which carries through in the way you run your services. In the past year I have used a few services, read about 10+ books on trading, taking a few courses, and learned a lot trading both futures and stocks. I’d never traded before just let brokers screw up my account, thought I couldn’t do worse. There is a lot of noise out there. I like what you are offering, and the results have been good, I just need to tune my own pitfalls now.

by Ryan Brennan

I’ve finally found a service which is value for money


I’ve been with your service now for several months.  For the first couple of months I never traded, just observed and watched, as a cautious investor with no trust in any recommendation service, having stumbled across a few cowboys in my time.  Now I can say I deserve to kick myself…. for not piling in and taking your trade recs…. never mind… at least now I know I’ve finally found a service which is value for money, has integrity and is thoroughly recommendable.

Thanks for the good service and looking forward to continued good trading in 2016… whatever the climate might be… all the best for 2017 and beyond….”

Kind Regards,

by Sam from United Kingdom