There You Have It – Another 50%+ Winner!

There You Have It – Another 50%+ Winner!

Patience pays off for members with our December 16th Buy alert for NUGT.  Over the past few months, NUGT has provided multiple opportunities for our members and generated consistent profits.  This trade is no different.



As of today, I’m issuing an update for all members.  Take profits and lock in a protective stop.  After a 50%+ increase in price, we need to take advantage of these quick profits and protect our position.

nugt-mrm members are alerted to these types of trading opportunities Daily and are updated by our expert analyst.  Additionally, our members are able to review our other market analysis and detailed research.  If you want to learn how can assist you in achieving these types of results, we welcome you into our family of successful traders.


Things will be ramping up next week with ATP. Expect regular updates on the market and positions, and we will get back to the 1-3 trades a week as the market has some great momentum behind it for our MRM Momentum Reversal Method.


Just yesterday we issued an analysis alert regarding opinion the US and global markets could see increased volatility and volume.  Click here to review our analysis

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